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Orange Zest by Zara

Orange Zest by Zara
Gender: Men
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Orange Zest

What Does Orange Zest Smell Like

The scent of Orange Zest by Zara greets you with a distinctive citrus burst. The top notes, predominantly lemon and Mandarin orange, present a zesty aroma. Meanwhile, ginger, while it's not prominent, subtly weaves in some spice that punctuates the fresh citrus.

As the scent evolves, we discover a surprising complexity. Transitioning into the heart notes, the provençal lavender, sage, and vetiver each play understated roles. They introduce a green and earthy depth, but not prominently so. It's more like a whisper of floral and greenery beneath the vibrant citrus.

Drying down, the base notes reveal a subtle sweetness that lingers. It's here that the amber and musk step forward, adding a gentle warmth and depth to the bouquet. The moss and coumarin, although not as noticeable, add a slightly woody and subtly sweet undertone. This multi-layered combination results in a interesting combination of sweet, fresh, spicy, and floral notes, with the citrus continuously shining through.

In our opinion, Orange Zest by Zara is a complex fragrance, taking you on a journey from a sudden bright burst of citrus, through a barely-there floral heartland, and ending in a warm and subtly sweet base. Despite its complexity, the fragrance maintains a straightforward and refreshingly clear citrus profile throughout.

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