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Hi-Lo Country Summer by Zara

Hi-Lo Country Summer by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Hi-Lo Country Summer

What Does Hi-Lo Country Summer Smell Like

The scent of Hi-Lo Country Summer by Zara is a distinctive blend of distinctly fresh, woody, and sweet accords. On first smell, you're greeted by a pervasive freshness, reminiscent of a breezy, outdoor atmosphere. The sweet and woody elements of the perfume are equally noticeable, lending an interesting duality to the fragrance profile. Sweet components evoke the sensation of sugary delights, while the woody aspects bring to mind the pleasant aroma of well-aged timber.

The scent also features a discernible synthetic note that adds an unexpected twist. This artificial scent adds an interesting aspect to the perfume, without overbearing the natural components. A comforting powdery undertone weaves its way throughout the fragrance, accompanied by a gourmand note, suggestive of a tantalizing culinary treat.

Spicy and floral elements are also present, contributing to the scent's complexity. The spice adds a subtle kick, while the floral notes lend a gentle, blossoming quality. Highlighted amongst these myriad scents, the presence of Iris is quite noticeable, softening the fragrance with its classic, elegant aroma. Accents of Bergamot and Sandalwood are less pronounced but still contribute to the perfume’s overall character, delivering a citrusy and warm nuance, respectively.

Review of Hi-Lo Country Summer

Zara's Hi-Lo Country Summer, designed for men, is a perfume with clear leanings towards a fresher profile, making it a solid choice for the warmer seasons, particularly summer and spring. We believe its sweet, woody, and slightly powdery characteristics blend well to craft a scent that's more youthful than mature. This is reflected in its suitability for more casual, day-to-day scenarios, such as leisure or sport activities.

You'll get a conspicuous hint of gourmand and spicy elements, which subtly adds depth without overwhelming the overall freshness of the perfume. Iris is the standout note, lending a slight floral touch. We think this perfume tends to sit close to the skin, making it less intrusive in close quarters.

However, it appears to be somewhat synthetic, which may not appeal to everyone. The longevity is decent but don't expect it to last all day. Overall, it's a pleasant, fresh scent that works well for casual wear in the warmer months.

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