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Hi-Lo Country by Zara

Hi-Lo Country by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Hi-Lo Country

What Does Hi-Lo Country Smell Like

The scent of Hi-Lo Country by Zara opens with a distinct synthetic aroma that coexists comfortably with the leathery note. As the smell develops, you will notice a spicy undertone that adds a sharp and complex dimension to the perfume. This spicy note naturally marries into the gourmand notes, offering a pleasantly sweet undertone. The woody elements come forth, adding a rugged masculinity that is both appealing and grounding. On further exploration, you may detect a hint of fruity freshness, which gives the perfume a vibrant twist. Lastly, there's a soft floral note which subtly complements the overall profile without overpowering it. The interplay of these different accords makes this perfume incredibly versatile. The presence of orris root, leather, and lemon notes, though not overly dominant, do contribute to the unique character of this scent, adding a certain depth and richness. In conclusion, Hi-Lo Country by Zara offers a blend of raw masculinity and refreshing sweetness.

Review of Hi-Lo Country

Hi-Lo Country by Zara is notably a masculine fragrance, exuding an aromatic blend of leathery, spicy, and synthetic scents. Its robust and full-bodied profile can be a choice for men who enjoy a fragrance that makes a statement. Coming into its own during the colder months, it is particularly suitable for winter and fall, with its warm and comforting aroma setting a cozy ambiance.

The scent leans towards the heavier side, making it an ideal choice for nighttime wear or for an evening out. Furthermore, its leatheriness lends itself well to formal business settings, allowing it to transition seamlessly from day to night.

Its longevity is fairly decent, ensuring the scent lingers throughout the day. However, its sillage is not as strong, meaning it may not project extensively. On a value basis, we believe it offers a sound proposition for those seeking a decently priced, well-rounded fragrance.

As for its shortcomings, the synthetic elements might not appeal to those who prefer more natural, organic scents. And while it does feature a wide range of scent types, its floral elements are quite minimal, which might not cater to those who prefer a more floral-centric fragrance.

Overall, Hi-Lo Country by Zara offers a robust and masculine scent that's particularly fitting for colder months and formal settings.

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