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Honolulu 1450, Ala Moana Boulevard by Zara

Honolulu 1450
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Honolulu 1450, Ala Moana Boulevard

What Does Honolulu 1450, Ala Moana Boulevard Smell Like

The scent of Honolulu 1450, Ala Moana Boulevard by Zara, directed at men, is predominantly a blend of the aquatic, citrus, and fresh accords. From the first whiff, you will notice a pronounced oceanic aroma, a consequence of the marine notes. These aquatic elements harmoniously intertwine with a citrusy bergamot overtone, offering a refreshing and zesty sensation. There is also a significant presence of fresh accord, further emphasizing the clean and straightforward nature of the perfume. Interjecting this dominant olfactory narrative are woody, fruity, and synthetic undertones, with a hint of spice. The dry down reveals a gentle touch of musk. All of these elements combine to create an overall sweet and woody fragrance.

Review of Honolulu 1450, Ala Moana Boulevard

Zara's Honolulu 1450, Ala Moana Boulevard released in 2022 is primarily a men's fragrance with a citrus-fresh character tending towards aquatic notes. This formulation captures the essence of Spring and Summer with a hint of Fall, making it appropriate for multi-season use. The scent profile is punctuated by prominent notes like marine notes, musk, and woody undertones.

The longevity and sillage of this perfume may need some improvement as it tends to fade after a few hours, making it less ideal for all-day wear. For those looking for a strong and enduring fragrance, this might not be the best pick. However, the affordable pricing makes it a reasonable choice for those on a budget.

Ideal for sports and leisure activities, it's also suitable for daily wear, nights out, business, and evening occasions. This makes it a versatile option for various uses. However, don't expect it to make a lasting impression in crowded spaces.

Despite the synthetic notes, this perfume does deliver a decent balance of fresh, spicy, and fruity notes which makes it quite appealing for those who enjoy a blended scent. Overall, it's a straightforward, no-frills fragrance that does its job without much ado.

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