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I Love Petals by Zara

I Love Petals by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of I Love Petals

What Does I Love Petals Smell Like

The scent of I Love Petals by Zara is decidedly fresh, with an unmistakable punch of citrus that greets you upon the first spritz. As the fragrance wafts in the air, the tangy scent of bergamot comes to the foreground, lending it a bold and invigorating quality.

However, this initial zestiness gradually gives way to a softer, more nuanced bouquet of floral notes. The gentle undertones of peony and iris come through, adding a dreamy and romantic layer to the fragrance. These floral accents are not overpowering but subtly woven into the overall scent profile.

Complementing these notes, there is a synthetic element present in the perfume. It doesn't detract from the natural notes but adds a modern touch to the scent.

Bringing up the rear, we notice a green note that lends a cool, leafy freshness to the fragrance, keeping it light and vibrant. This smell of I Love Petals exudes a youthful and exciting vibe, making it a striking, yet approachable scent.

Review of I Love Petals

Zara's I Love Petals is an engaging fragrance designed for women. The scent distinctly brings to mind a citrusy floral bouquet, noticeably replicating the freshness of bergamot, the natural charm of iris, and the delicate beauty of peony. I Love Petals tends to have a moderate presence, making it suitable for non-assertive wearers. Its longevity could be more resilient, as it might not last through a full day. The perfume presents itself as equally appropriate for all seasons, indicating a versatile adaptability to different weather conditions. Its multifaceted character makes it equally suitable for a day at the office, a casual day out, or even a morning jog. However, it might not hold up well in strenuous sports sessions due to its weaker sillage and longevity. In terms of value, users might appreciate its affordability considering its appealing scent. In conclusion, I Love Petals by Zara is a decent everyday perfume for women who prefer a light, citrus-floral scent.

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