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Infinite Wave by Zara

Infinite Wave by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Infinite Wave

What Does Infinite Wave Smell Like

The scent of Infinite Wave by Zara captivates with a refreshing opening, as you are greeted by a vibrant and zesty splash of Mandarin orange. This immediate freshness undoubtedly sets the tone for the perfume. As the scent unravels, a hint of Sage introduces a green aspect, subtly intertwining with the citrus. Slowly, the floral heart begins to emerge, rounding out the initial citrus burst with a softness that adds some complexity to the fragrance. This blend is grounded in an earthy base of Vetiver, imparting a touch of woody undertone that doesn't overwhelm but rather complements the overall freshness. There's a gentle nod to the aquatic as well, which gives a slight wet facet to the composition. Overall, we think the scent evokes an image of a serene, lush landscape, all captured within a spritz of this perfume. Despite the myriad of elements, none overpower the other, resulting in a well-orchestrated symphony of scent.

Review of Infinite Wave

Zara's Infinite Wave, released in 2021, is a fragrance primarily designed for men, offering a distinctly citrus, fresh, and floral aroma. We believe that it carries a broad appeal, with a strong likability factor among men and younger individuals, and also quite well-received by women. The scent, composed of a pleasant and noticeable blend of fresh elements, captures the essence of summer and spring - the seasons it's best suited for.

As a daily perfume, Infinite Wave stands out, offering a rather lively character that suits both casual leisure and sports activities. However, its suitability for business settings might be slightly less due to its vibrant nature. We find the longevity to be moderate, meaning it won't last all day, which might be a minor downside for some. The sillage is also moderate, providing a scent trail that is neither too overpowering nor too elusive.

In terms of value, the perfume offers a respectable quality-to-price ratio. In essence, if you're in the market for a fresh, citrusy scent that encapsulates the breezy essence of sunnier seasons, you may find Zara's Infinite Wave to be a suitable pick. However, keep in mind its moderate longevity and sillage might require occasional reapplication throughout the day.

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