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Go Fruity by Zara

Go Fruity by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

What Does Go Fruity Smell Like

The scent of Go Fruity by Zara is a mixture of fruity and sweet, with an underlying layer of synthetic. Upon the first whiff, you are immediately greeted by a unique burst of fruity sweetness, enveloping the senses with a lively and inviting aroma. It exhibits a strong semblance of fruits, much akin to a vibrant assortment of apples and peaches, but without a trace of noticeable individuality. The synthetic notes become more apparent as the scent settles, lending a modern, almost futuristic aroma. The sweetness is constant, tying all the other elements together and giving them a sugary undertone. The noticeable absence of a vanilla undertone adds an unexpected twist to the fruity sweetness. Despite the synthetic components, it manages to retain a freshness, making for a stimulating olfactory experience. The scent, while exceptionally vibrant and lively, might not appeal to those seeking a more natural, less artificial fragrance.

Review of Go Fruity

Go Fruity by Zara is a women's fragrance that is decidedly fruity and sweet with a dose of synthesized elements. If you're a fan of lighter, slightly less enduring perfumes, this could be an excellent pick for you. The apple, peach, and vanilla notes, while not dominant, subtly contribute to its overall profile.

We found its scent suitable for both the crisp days of fall and the blooming days of spring. It's a versatile perfume, you could wear it during your everyday errands, a leisurely day out, or even in a business setting without overpowering your colleagues. However, we noticed the sillage is moderate - it won't fill a room when you walk in.

In terms of value, it is quite reasonable. While Go Fruity won't last all day, it's easy to carry around for a quick refresh. It's a straightforward, no-frills perfume, especially designed for women who prefer a lighter, fruity touch to their fragrance. We genuinely believe this could be a pleasing addition to your perfume collection.

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