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Jurassic World by Zara

Jurassic World by Zara
Gender: Unisex
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Jurassic World

What Does Jurassic World Smell Like

The scent of Jurassic World by Zara is distinctly shaped by the synthetic and green fragrance category it falls in. Upon first application, the smell is predominantly marked by the sharpness of mandarin orange, a citrusy aroma injecting a fresh punch. This initial scent slowly gives way to a more sophisticated, yet subtle, musk note that adds depth to the perfume. At the heart of the fragrance, we find a hint of rose, adding a floral touch to the overall composition. However, it does not overpower or conflict with the other notes. Instead, it harmoniously binds the citrus and musk, creating a signature scent that is neither too sweet nor too heavy. In our opinion, the blend of these three notes results in a balanced and distinctive aroma suitable for both men and women.

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