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Laboratori di Saponi in Roma by Zara

Laboratori di Saponi in Roma by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Laboratori di Saponi in Roma

What Does Laboratori di Saponi in Roma Smell Like

The scent of Laboratori di Saponi in Roma by Zara greets you with refreshing citrus undertones, imbued with floral notes. You can distinctly sense a blend of citrus and fresh accords which adds an uplifting edge to this fragrance. A subtle woody aroma is detected next, lending a base structure to the scent profile. The fruity and floral accords intermingle in equal measure, introducing a sense of balance and harmony. Aquatic elements are interspersed within, bestowing a clean, airy feel to the overall fragrance. Spicy and chypre accords, though less pronounced, come through subtly, enhancing the complexity of the perfume. The sweet notes are least evident, adding a quiet yet essential finishing touch to the aroma. This perfume does not feature amber, mandarin orange or rose notes. The final scent profile is a carefully orchestrated symphony of playful freshness and subtle complexity.

Review of Laboratori di Saponi in Roma

Laboratori di Saponi in Roma by Zara, released in 2017, is a fragrance primarily designed for women, though it also appeals to a broad demographic including men and the younger population. Its scent structure revolves around a prominent melody of citrus and fresh tones, accented by hints of woody, fruity, and floral notes. The overall effect lends itself well to the warmer months of summer and spring, making it a suitable option for daily wear, leisure activities, and business environments.

In terms of performance, we find that the perfume delivers a moderate to long-lasting duration on the skin, with a sillage that is detectable but not overpowering. However, in scenarios that require high physical activity or during night outings, its performance might not be as satisfactory.

Regarding its value, we believe you will get a scent that is predominantly fresh with a versatile character. Despite falling short in some aspects, its suitability for various occasions and seasons make it a worthwhile consideration.

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