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Last Sequence by Zara

Last Sequence by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Marion Costero
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Last Sequence

What Does Last Sequence Smell Like

The scent of Last Sequence by Zara reveals a dominant blend of citrus, spicy, and aquatic accords. Right at first sniff, you are greeted by a refreshing burst of citrus, setting a zesty stage for this fragrance's composition. This citrusy profile is intertwined with a noticeable peppery, spicy edge, adding a distinctive punch that captivates the senses. Mingling within the heart of this fragrance, an aquatic accord rises to the surface, hinting at a fresh, oceanic breeze that adds a contrasting depth to the overall scent profile. Subtle layers of synthetic, woody, and resinous notes lend a slightly artificial underpinning to the fragrance. The green notes, on the other hand, inject a hint of earthy coolness, softening the fragrance with a natural touch. Lastly, you'll find a dash of fresh, fruity nuances subtly whispering in the backdrop, creating a finish to this complex symphony of aromas. Overall, Last Sequence by Zara is a complex blend, where each note ebbs and flows to reveal its own unique scent story.

Review of Last Sequence

Zara's Last Sequence, released in 2020, is a men's perfume that offers a play of contrasts. You will find its scent predominantly citrus, spicy and aquatic, with hints of synthetic, woody, resinous, green, fruity, and fresh undertones. The bold Akigalawood® note stands out, though, setting the tone for the scent.

It's a perfume that can be worn across various seasons - from the crisp fall to the blooming spring, and even in the chilly winter or hot summer days. Our findings show that it's versatile for diverse occasions – daily use, leisure, a night out, for business, or even sport.

In terms of performance, Last Sequence may fall a bit short. It may not be as long-lasting or projecting as you might hope. It's a scent that sits closer to the skin, making it a personal olfactory experience. Despite this shortfall, we think you may find value in its multifaceted scent, especially if you prefer subtle, more intimate fragrances.

In conclusion, Last Sequence by Zara is a flexible option for men interested in a complex and modern scent that doesn't overpower.

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