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Lightly Bloom by Zara

Lightly Bloom by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Lightly Bloom

What Does Lightly Bloom Smell Like

The perfume of Lightly Bloom by Zara initially greets you with a fresh scent, which we believe largely derives from its predominant fresh and floral accords. The perfume swiftly unveils a floral bouquet, where the scent of peony, a note that stands at the heart of this perfume, plays a significant role. The floral freshness of the peony is subtly accentuated by a dash of lotus that brings in an aquatic undertone to the fragrance. At the same time, sweet undertones are lurking in the background, adding a delectable depth to the overall scent profile. The perfume also displays an animalistic touch, given by musk, which adds an unexpected twist to its floral freshness. Meanwhile, faint traces of synthetic and green elements are also present, making the perfume more complex. However, the aquatic note is not to be overlooked; it brings in a refreshing nuance that makes the perfume less cloying while ensuring it stays true to its fresh and floral character.

Review of Lightly Bloom

Lightly Bloom by Zara is a women's fragrance that we believe seems ideal for the spring and summer months. It's a fresh and floral scent, with a notable presence of peony and a hint of musk, ideal for those who appreciate a delicate, airy perfume.

Despite its floral elegance, our findings showed that its longevity and sillage are not its strongest points. You may find that this perfume may not last all day, requiring reapplication for prolonged wear. Hence, it's more suited for short-term occasions such as daily errands or leisure activities rather than a full day at the office or a long evening event.

The scent leans towards a more mature audience, but can still be appreciated by younger users. Given its light character, we believe it's not a perfume that will overwhelm those around you. In terms of value, you will find this fragrance to be reasonable.

In conclusion, Lightly Bloom by Zara is a fair choice for those who prefer delicate, fresh, floral scents, but be aware of its less than ideal longevity and sillage.

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