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Lily Pad by Zara

Lily Pad by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Lily Pad

What Does Lily Pad Smell Like

The scent of Lily Pad by Zara is a concoction primarily revolving around the gourmand element, offering a distinctive sweetness to the olfactory experience. As you delve deeper into the fragrance, the sweetness is well complemented by praliné, lending a rich, dessert-like quality to it. You will notice the presence of fruity undertones that add a tangy counterpoint to the sweetness, though not as dominant. Synthetic notes and a creamy, buttery undertone subtly exist, intertwining with the other elements to enhance the overall experience. The perfume concludes with the delicate hint of powdery and woody notes, softening the gourmand sweetness and adding a classic finish. However, there's a lack of tangerine, vanilla, and woody notes, which could have potentially added more depth and complexity. Despite its shortcomings, Lily Pad provides a straightforward, unpretentious scent experience.

Review of Lily Pad

Lily Pad by Zara, designed primarily for women, has a prominent scent profile leaning towards the gourmand and sweet categories. It offers an eclectic mix of praline, fruits, and a hint of woodiness, with an undercurrent of creamy, floral, and powdery elements, making it a complex and diverse fragrance. While the perfume is well-accepted across different age groups, it is predominantly favored by women.

Its olfactory experience is more suitable for the colder seasons such as Fall and Winter, yet it is versatile enough to be worn during Spring as well. With its multisensorial appeal, you will find Lily Pad appropriate for a wide array of occasions, including daily use, leisure activities, business settings, and even for a night out.

Regarding longevity, it provides a moderate lasting power. However, the fragrance's sillage may not be as robust as some might prefer.

Lily Pad's value proposition is subjective based on individual preferences and needs. Overall, we believe this is a solid choice for those seeking a sweet, gourmand fragrance, but it may fall short for those seeking a more powerful sillage.

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