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Lisboa by Zara

Lisboa by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2015
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Lisboa

What Does Lisboa Smell Like

The scent of Lisboa by Zara greets you with a dominant fresh aroma, immediately followed by distinct citrus tones. You will notice there is also a strong aquatic undertone that brings to mind a calm ocean breeze. This perfume prominently features the zesty scent of orange and the musky aroma that adds a masculine touch. It also gently incorporates green notes, providing a light but refreshing earthy scent, and a hint of lemon that adds to its citrus profile. A soft whisper of jasmine is present, accentuating its floral dimension, but never overpowering. Alongside these, we detect hints of sweetness, mysterious synthetic aromas, and slightly woody notes that add depth to the overall smell. Towards the end, a subtle hint of spice lingers, making its complexity more intriguing without taking away from the primarily fresh and citrusy profile. Our findings show that Lisboa by Zara offers an energetic and fresh scent with diverse undertones that keep it dynamic and appealing.

Review of Lisboa

Lisboa by Zara is a perfume predominantly targeted at men, and we think this fragrance will be most appreciated by those who lean toward fresh, citrus, and aquatic scents. Though it's a popular choice in warmer weather, you'll find it's a versatile scent that can be sported comfortably throughout the year, with a slight lean toward spring and summer. It's an ideal companion for daily activities, leisure, and sport, yet it's flexible enough for business settings as well. However, its strength might not hold up for evening or night events due to its softer sillage.

The most prominent notes in this perfume are orange and musk, providing a refreshing blend without becoming overly sweet or synthetic. Its longevity is not its strong suit, so you may need to reapply throughout the day. Despite this, we believe the overall value for Lisboa is more than satisfactory, offering quality scent at a reasonable price.

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