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Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard by Zara

Los Angeles 6902
Gender: Men
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard

What Does Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard Smell Like

The scent of Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard by Zara is a complex blend, with the sweet, woody, and spicy notes being most evident. Upon first encounter, you will notice a mild sweetness, a possible hint of confectionery or dessert-like scents. Tied to this sweetness is an undercurrent of woody tones, giving a feeling of depth and solidity. A spicy edge cuts through, adding a slight sharpness to balance the sweet and woody aroma. However, we also identify synthetic notes that bring a contemporary, somewhat artificial dimension to the fragrance. There are also hints of gourmand elements, suggesting a dessert or culinary influence. The scent unfolds further to reveal powdery, oriental, earthy, and creamy nuances. Particular notes we can pick out are cardamom, patchouli, and tobacco, yet they are subtle and intricately woven into the overall scent composition. The binding of these elements creates a multifaceted fragrance that showcases a mixture of sweet, spicy, and woody influences.

Review of Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard

In the perfume landscape, "Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard" by Zara carves out a distinct place for itself. Designed primarily for men, it stands out with a spicy, sweet, and woody scent profile. A good fit for colder months, it's an especially suitable choice for fall and winter, aligning well with the earthy and creamy undertones. Despite an interesting scent blend, its longevity and sillage are slightly below average, suggesting reapplication may be necessary to maintain its presence throughout the day.

On the occasion spectrum, "Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard" is remarkably adaptable. It is equally suited for daily use, leisure, a night out, business, or evening settings. Its gourmand and oriental hints add a complex touch, yet the perfume retains a synthetic note that some users might find disagreeable.

In terms of value, you will find the perfume is fairly priced, although it might not appeal to those looking for distinctly natural or potent aromas. While Zara's "Los Angeles 6902, Hollywood Boulevard" may not be a standout in any one category, it's a versatile addition to any perfume collection.

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