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Marshmallow Addiction by Zara

Marshmallow Addiction by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Marshmallow Addiction

What Does Marshmallow Addiction Smell Like

The scent of Marshmallow Addiction by Zara is a pleasant blend of fruity and sweet accords. You'll immediately notice a strong and even blend of both the sweet and fruity elements, which creates a candy-like aroma that is alluring yet not overwhelming.

Review of Marshmallow Addiction

Zara's Marshmallow Addiction is a women's perfume with a balanced blend of sweet and fruity scents. Slanted towards the sweet side, it does give off a candy-like aroma that might not be suitable for everyone. It's a casual scent that we believe fits in well with the lighter moods of spring and summer. This makes it a good choice for daily wear, especially during leisure activities.

However, it's worth noting that Marshmallow Addiction's scent longevity and sillage could be better. If you're seeking a fragrance that leaves a strong impression or lasts all day, you might find this one lacking. Its sweet, playful scent can sometimes be overpowered in crowded areas or in outdoor settings.

In terms of value, Marshmallow Addiction is fairly priced. You'll get a decent, everyday perfume that's fun and different. Just keep in mind its limitations with regards to its scent projection and longevity.

Overall, we see it as a playful addition to a relaxed and casual wardrobe, especially suitable for those who prefer sweeter, fruitier perfumes.

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