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Midsummer Deep Fougère by Zara

Midsummer Deep Fougère by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Midsummer Deep Fougère

What Does Midsummer Deep Fougère Smell Like

The scent of Midsummer Deep Fougère by Zara makes an assertive first impression with an unmistakable spicy aroma. This is immediately underpinned by an apple note, offering a fruity tang that contrasts with the initial spiciness. The fougère accord builds on this foundation, introducing a fresh and slightly green note. As the scent unfolds, there is a detectable musk element, which is then balanced out with cedar wood undertones, providing a woody aroma. The perfume finishes with a hint of sweetness, adding another layer of complexity. Although it is predominantly spicy and woody, it exhibits a balanced blend of fresh, fruity, and sweet accords. Overall, it's a masculine scent with a multifaceted profile.

Review of Midsummer Deep Fougère

"Midsummer Deep Fougère" by Zara is a men's perfume with a distinguishable spicy, woody, and sweet undertone. Prominent notes like apple and cardamom lend a fruity and fresh essence to the scent composition, subtly enhanced by synthetic elements. You will find this to be a multi-faceted fragrance that transitions seamlessly from a vibrant daytime aroma to a more refined scent suitable for an evening event.

Despite its modest longevity and sillage, it works effectively as a day-to-day fragrance, offering a non-overpowering, subtle scent trail. Ideal for casual and business settings, it can adapt to varying environments. Its value is enhanced by its versatility across seasons, with a slight favoring towards fall and spring.

However, its less suited for high-energy activities like sports. Those desiring an all-day standout fragrance may find its longevity lacking. Overall, Zara's "Midsummer Deep Fougère" offers a fairly versatile, adaptable fragrance with a subtly distinctive character that can be a reliable addition to one's perfume collection.

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