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Mimosa Cloud by Zara

Mimosa Cloud by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Mimosa Cloud

What Does Mimosa Cloud Smell Like

With the scent of Mimosa Cloud by Zara you're met with a distinctive sweetness, undoubtedly derived from the Ambroxan. This is subtly intertwined with a robust synthetic aroma that gives the perfume a modern edge. As you delve deeper, a floral undercurrent emerges, adding a dimension of natural elegance to the overall scent profile. This soft floral aspect, we believe, is the result of the subtly incorporated mimosa, which proves to be a surprising yet fitting addition. Fresh notes begin to reveal themselves as the scent progresses, offering a gentle lift to the perfume's otherwise dense composition. The creamy accord, possibly derived from pistachio, envelops the scent with a rich, velvety softness. Finally, the scent concludes with just the slightest hint of gourmand and fruity notes, giving Mimosa Cloud an unexpected sweetness. However, it's worth mentioning that the gourmand and fruity nuances are less discernible, clearly taking a backseat in this fragrance's complex arrangement.

Review of Mimosa Cloud

Mimosa Cloud by Zara, a women's fragrance, offers a predominantly sweet and floral scent with a hint of synthetic undertones. This fragrance leans towards a creamy, fresh aroma that lingers on the skin, offering a subtle sillage that won't overpower those around you.

The scent leans towards a sweeter profile, thanks to the prominent note of pistachio, along with an earthy touch of Ambroxan. The fragrance lacks the mimosa note, which might disappoint those seeking a classic floral scent.

While it's adaptable across all seasons, Mimosa Cloud shines best during the springtime, the freshness of the scent complimenting the season's atmosphere perfectly. This perfume suits various occasions, from daily errands to professional settings, making it a versatile addition to your fragrance collection. However, it may not last through the night, reducing its suitability for evening events.

Ultimately, if you enjoy sweet, fresh scents that are unobtrusive and adaptable, Mimosa Cloud could be a solid, affordable choice for you. However, we've found its longevity to be somewhat lacking.

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