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Night pour Homme II Sport by Zara

Night pour Homme II Sport by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Night pour Homme II Sport

What Does Night pour Homme II Sport Smell Like

The scent of Night pour Homme II Sport by Zara unveils a blend of woody and floral notes, as soon as it meets your senses. Cedarwood dominates the woody notes, contributing to an earthy backbone, while the hints of lavender dominate the floral aspect. Here, it's worth noting that alongside these robust notes, you'll catch a refreshing wave of citrus. The presence of Bergamot adds a pleasantly bitter undertone, perfectly complementing the vibrant freshness of the perfume. This freshness is further reinforced by subtle hints of green that lurk in the background. These green notes, coupled with the synthetic, sweet, and fruity aspects, give this perfume a modern edge. Lastly, there's a slight aquatic undertone, which adds a unique depth to the overall scent profile. Despite the complexity, none of the notes overpower one another, keeping the fragrance appealing to those looking for a multi-dimensional scent. Thus, Night pour Homme II Sport by Zara presents an interesting interplay of contrasting notes that make it quite arresting.

Review of Night pour Homme II Sport

Zara's Night pour Homme II Sport, launched in 2018, is a scent that aims to capture a modern man's active lifestyle. The fragrance leans heavily into the woody and fresh categories, hinting at cedarwood and bergamot, while floral and citrus undertones provide a lighter, more dynamic impression. Men seem to be the primary audience for this perfume, but it's also suitable for younger users.

Despite its name, Night pour Homme II Sport is surprisingly versatile. It can complement various daily activities, from leisure and sport to business meetings. Although the perfume's performance could be stronger, we think it's ideal for short-term wear, particularly in the warmer seasons like spring and summer.

The perfume's green, sweet, and fruity elements also imbue a sense of freshness, making it fitting for a casual day out or even a quick gym session. However, it might not hold up that well in the chillier months. Still, if you're in search of a budget-friendly, everyday fragrance that's not overwhelmingly powerful, Zara's Night pour Homme II Sport could be worth considering. Just bear in mind that its longevity and projection are moderate at best.

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