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Night pour Homme II Summer by Zara

Night pour Homme II Summer by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Night pour Homme II Summer

What Does Night pour Homme II Summer Smell Like

The scent of Night pour Homme II Summer by Zara is primarily fresh and woody, presenting a unique olfactory experience for men. You will notice a synthetic element cleverly paired with aquatic tones, giving this perfume an unexpected edge. It is not overwhelmingly sweet, but there is a distinctly fruity undertone that you can't miss, making it an interesting addition to the mix. Additionally, floral notes are present, adding an element of sophistication and depth. The aroma of citrus subtly permeates the perfume, lending a refreshing touch to the ensemble. There’s also a hint of spice that brings an element of warmth and intrigue. However, the most surprising part of this perfume is its lack of traditional notes like amber, bergamot, and marine notes, meaning they are undetectable, resulting in a fragrance that defies traditional expectations. In conclusion, Night pour Homme II Summer by Zara is fresh, woody, and unapologetically synthetic, with a dash of fruitiness and floral elements.

Review of Night pour Homme II Summer

Zara's Night pour Homme II Summer is a worthy addition to a man's perfume collection, specifically designed for men. You'll find it particularly appealing if you appreciate fresh and woody scents. It seems to capture the essence of summer through its aromatic profile, but its versatility extends to fall and spring as well. Wearing it during the day is largely recommended, though it fits in well for leisurely evenings and even the occasional night out.

The most noticeable aspect of this perfume is its mix of fresh, fruity, and aquatic notes, touched with a hint of sweetness. While the scent is pleasing, you might find it does not have the longest staying power. We discovered that the sillage, or the scent trail, is moderate. This could be seen as a plus if you prefer a subtler fragrance, but it might disappoint you if you're looking for a bold statement perfume. Overall, we think Night pour Homme II Summer provides reasonable value for the cost. It's a decent choice for everyday wear, especially if you favor lighter, more casual scents.

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