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Night pour Homme V by Zara

Night pour Homme V by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Night pour Homme V

What Does Night pour Homme V Smell Like

The scent of Zara's Night pour Homme V initially greets you with a predominantly sweet note, underlying hints of the gourmand aspect enhancing the overall experience. This sweetness, we believe, is further enriched by a distinct woody aroma that adds depth to the fragrance. Quite interestingly, the scent also introduces a creamy layer, contributing to a plush and luxuriant smell that is hard to ignore.

As the scent profile evolves, you're likely to notice a spicy undertone that adds a bold twist to the sweet and creamy mixture. This spiciness, we suggest, is subtle but effective, emanating an air of sophistication. You'd also detect a synthetic touch, possibly lending a modern edge to the perfume. Gentle fruity and floral hints are also perceptible, providing a much-needed freshness and lightness to the composition. Our findings are that the absence of amber, musk, and Tagetes notes was notable in this perfume. All things considered, Night pour Homme V is a complex yet well-crafted perfume, offering a diverse range of notes to explore.

Review of Night pour Homme V

Zara's Night pour Homme V, released in 2020, is predominantly a masculine fragrance. The fragrance has a distinct sweet and gourmand scent. On the initial spray, you will get a hint of the creamy undertones, which gradually give way to a slightly spicy aroma. The perfume exhibits some woody characteristics, which, along with a subtle synthetic note, lend it a decidedly contemporary vibe.

The fragrance works best in the cooler seasons, namely Fall and Winter. When you wear this, you will find its comforting warmth a perfect accompaniment to the crisp air. It is fitting for night outs and casual evenings, being a bit too overpowering for a day at the office or during the heat of summer.

Its longevity leaves room for improvement, with the scent tending to lose its strength over time. However, considering its price point, we believe it offers decent value, especially for those seeking a modern, sweet, and mildly spicy scent. Despite its shortcomings, we think that Night pour Homme V is a reasonable choice for men looking for an affordable and trendy fragrance.

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