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Nightfall in Madrid by Zara

Nightfall in Madrid by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Nightfall in Madrid

What Does Nightfall in Madrid Smell Like

The scent of Nightfall in Madrid by Zara reveals a complex blend of notes and accords. Upon initial application, you are greeted by a distinctive cardamom note meshed with the sweetness of a subtle apple. This opening gives way to the middle notes of cachalox and tonka bean, which take the reins, dominating the fragrance's heart with their potent combination. The faint undertone of nutmeg adds a touch of warmth and spice, subtly weaving its way into the olfactory experience.

As the scent develops on your skin, the base notes begin to assert themselves. The warmth of amber is barely detectable, subtly underpinning the aroma. Cashmeran, patchouli, and sandalwood make a combined appearance, though none of these are particularly prominent. Instead, they lend their characteristics to the background without threatening to overshadow the heart notes.

Overall, the scent is multifaceted with well-marked woody, oriental, and fruity aspects, each contributing to the aroma's depth and complexity. A noticeable freshness permeates the entire composition, backed with a soft, synthetic undertone. The fragrance also carries a hint of sweetness and a spicy kick, along with a powdery finish. Lastly, there are undertones of a gourmand, creamy nature that add an interesting twist to the scent of Nightfall in Madrid by Zara.

Review of Nightfall in Madrid

Nightfall in Madrid by Zara, released in 2021, is a men's fragrance that leans into a woody and spicy profile. It is a scent that many men, particularly those younger in age, might find appealing. The most prominent notes are cardamom and apple, which add a sweet and fresh tone to the overall aroma.

This fragrance is more appropriate for fall and spring seasons, although it can be worn during colder winter months as well. Less suitable for summer, you may find it a bit overwhelming in the heat. In terms of occasions, it's a daily wear perfume that works well for leisure and business settings, but it might not be the ideal choice for a night out or an evening event.

One caveat to consider with Nightfall in Madrid is its longevity and sillage. You may find that the scent doesn't last the entire day, and its projection is somewhat limited. This may require a reapplication throughout your day.

In terms of scent type, it covers a broad spectrum encompassing woody, spicy, sweet, oriental, fruity, fresh, and even a hint of creamy, powdery, and gourmand notes. However, there is a synthetic undertone that some might not appreciate.

All things considered, Nightfall in Madrid offers a decent value, especially if you're looking for a versatile daily wear fragrance with a woody, spicy profile.

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