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No Day by Zara

No Day by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of No Day

What Does No Day Smell Like

The scent of No Day by Zara captures the essence of a complex, modern man. As you first smell this fragrance, you are greeted with a potent dash of spicy cardamom, a scent that is both exotic and soothing. This initial spiciness is then beautifully tempered with a hint of sweet vanilla, creating a unique blend of spicy and sweet. The deeper values of the perfume begin to unfurl, revealing a robust woody core of sandalwood that lends a sturdy, masculine foundation to the perfume. The overall impression is given a fresh edge with a subtle underpinning of green accords, adding a crisp and refreshing element to this multifaceted fragrance. Yet, there's a touch of synthetic notes, a reminder of its modernity. This scent profile is further enriched with oriental and gourmand hints, and a touch of fougère, yielding a sensual aroma that is far from ordinary.

Review of No Day

No Day by Zara, introduced in 2019, is a men's fragrance that embraces a spicy, sweet, and woody character. It notably brings to the fore an interesting blend of cardamom, sandalwood, and vanilla, offering an aromatic experience that can be appreciated by a significant percentage of men, as well as a smaller female audience.

If you prefer a scent that leans toward the autumnal sphere, No Day might be up your alley, as it seems to suit the fall season best. However, its scent profile does extend its usability into the spring, winter, and even the warmer summer months. Be it leisure, night out, business, or sport, you will find this fragrance adaptable to diverse occasions, with a particular emphasis on daily wear.

That said, the longevity and sillage of No Day leave much to be desired. You will find that it doesn't last as long as some might prefer, and its scent trail is relatively low-key. Despite this, it does serve as a decently valuable addition to your collection, given its affordable price point.

All in all, No Day by Zara is a scent that offers a decent aromatic experience, albeit with some limitations. It can be an interesting pick for those who enjoy spicy and woody fragrances and seek a versatile option for various occasions and seasons.

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