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Noble Palo Santo by Zara

Noble Palo Santo by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Noble Palo Santo

What Does Noble Palo Santo Smell Like

The scent of Noble Palo Santo by Zara is a complex play of woody and spicy elements, overlaying a fresh backdrop. As you first smell the scent, you are greeted by sharp citrus notes, lemon zest intertwining with the slightly bitter and exotic fragrance of kumquat. The bright freshness of bergamot adds a touch of lightness, while the blend is grounded with the mystical aroma of frankincense.

As the freshness gradually subsides, we find that the heart of the fragrance is predominantly dominated by the piquant bite of black pepper, adding a distinct spicy twist to the composition. This is contrastingly softened by the deep, rich scent of leather.

The real star of the show, however, is the base note, Palo Santo. This rare wood imparts an unmistakably woody scent that is at once calming and invigorating. This is complemented by the warmth of amber and the earthiness of moss, creating a lingering, robust impression.

What we also find interesting is the subtle synthetic note. It subtly punctuates the fragrance, adding a modern, edgy twist to the scent. Fruity and sweet nuances are also present but remain understated, letting the woody, spicy characteristics take center stage in this scent.

Overall, Noble Palo Santo by Zara weaves together diverse fragrant notes, creating an intriguing olfactory journey, inviting you for an exploration of sensory delights.

Review of Noble Palo Santo

Our review on Zara's Noble Palo Santo reveals it as a masculine scent that leans heavily into its woody and spicy elements. A whiff of this perfume transports you into a forest rich with Palo Santo trees, with a hint of smoky undertones to ignite your senses.

This is not a punchy scent; it's quiet, with a sillage that doesn't overwhelm. You will find it stays close to the skin, making it a great choice for those who prefer a more personal scent journey.

The longevity of Noble Palo Santo is moderate. Don't expect it to last the whole day without a top-up. This is particularly fitting for those who like to switch their fragrances according to their daily activities.

Given its woody-spicy character, this perfume suits cooler seasons best. It works well for fall and spring, adding an extra layer of warmth to your ensemble.

Noble Palo Santo is versatile enough to complement various occasions. Whether you're heading for a business meeting or enjoying a laid-back evening, this fragrance subtly enhances your presence.

Although discontinued, Noble Palo Santo is a good pick for those who appreciate underrated fragrances. Its shortcomings in longevity and sillage are balanced by its scent profile and excellent value. An honest perfume that does what it says, with no unnecessary frills.

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