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Osmanthus by Zara

Osmanthus by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Osmanthus

What Does Osmanthus Smell Like

The scent of Osmanthus by Zara is largely dominated by fruity notes. Upon first sniff, you are greeted by a bright and juicy peach fragrance. As the scent unfolds, the sweet, slightly apricot-like smell of osmanthus blooms, adding a subtle, floral depth. There's an unexpected twist in the scent profile, as the distinct, earthy scent of leather emerges, adding a contrasting, robust dimension to the overall fruity sweetness. This leathery undercurrent is complemented by an animalistic accord, lending a raw, primal edge to the perfume. The scent then takes a smoky turn, adding a touch of mystery to the fragrance before it finally mellows down to a fresh, resinous base. Slight hints of synthetic and oriental nuances can also be detected, providing a comprehensive olfactory experience. The overall result is a complex perfume that seamlessly blends sweet, fruity, and leathery nuances.

Review of Osmanthus

Zara's Osmanthus, introduced in 2018, is a perfume crafted with the primary aim of appealing to women. However, its unique blend has found a surprising audience amongst men as well. An uncomplicated scent, it revolves around the central notes of Osmanthus and Leather, creating an overall fruity-leathery persona.

The fragrance is distinguished by a significant presence of fruity sweetness, which is enhanced by subtle floral accents. Added layers of leathery, animal, and smoky notes lend a hint of complexity, keeping it from becoming overly sweet. Despite these aspects, Osmanthus leans more towards a synthetic feel, which might not appeal to everyone.

In terms of longevity, it provides a decent wear time, neither impressive nor disappointing. Sillage is moderate, making it suitable for intimate settings and less appropriate for large gatherings or open spaces.

Suitable for both fall and spring, it adapts nicely to the shifting weather of these transitional seasons. It's a versatile scent, fitting for daily wear, business meetings, evening get-togethers, and leisure outings.

However, the price point might not reflect the true value for everyone, particularly if you're seeking a perfume with a unique, natural feel. In conclusion, Zara's Osmanthus is a reasonably priced, pleasant fragrance with a versatile usage range. But don't expect it to stand out in a crowd or last all day on your skin. The overall experience of this perfume is likely to be ordinary, not extraordinary.

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