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Parc Floral by Zara

Parc Floral by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Parc Floral

What Does Parc Floral Smell Like

The scent of Parc Floral by Zara immediately greets you with a strong and distinctive floral aroma where notes of iris, jasmine, and violet take the lead. You will notice the synthetic undertones providing an underlying modernity to the bouquet. A pronounced green element weaves throughout, contributing a fresh, natural feel to the perfume. Occasionally, a subtle hint of woody tones makes its way to your senses, adding a touch of earthy masculinity. As you continue to explore the scent, the powdery nuance becomes more apparent, lending an almost soft, velvety texture to the overall olfactory experience. The perfume also displays a resinous quality that gives it a slightly sticky and sweet edge. Though the perfume prominently features floral and synthetic elements, the inclusion of woody and powdery notes creates a surprisingly complex aroma that we believe offers a twist on classic men's fragrances. However, we feel the lack of strong amber and rosewood notes might be a missed opportunity in grounding the fragrance further.

Review of Parc Floral

Parc Floral by Zara, released in 2020, is certainly a fragrance that appeals to a broad range of individuals. The dominant floral overtones, specifically iris, jasmine, and violet, make it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a perfume with a rich depth. A notable presence of synthetic and green undertones give it a modern touch, while subtle hints of woody and powdery notes lend it an earthy charm. Interestingly, this perfume is not overly sweet, making it a comfortable wear for the men group it caters to most. Despite its name, you might not find Parc Floral excessively fresh. It carries more of a springtime aura, but also works well into fall and summer. This fragrance is built for daily use and leisure activities. Longevity is reasonable, but the sillage might not be as strong as you'd expect. Value for money, it's quite satisfactory. The overall scent profile, while not groundbreaking, is definitely pleasant and easy-going.

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