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Pineberry by Zara

Pineberry by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Pineberry

What Does Pineberry Smell Like

The scent of Pineberry by Zara opens with a burst of citrus, as though you've just bitten into a fresh lemon. It's a sharp, zesty note that commands your attention, but not overwhelmingly so. This tangy citrus aroma is equally matched by a sweet undercurrent, giving the initial impression of a lemon dessert, perhaps a tart or a custard.

As the perfume settles, you may notice a green, fresh smell that lingers in the background, adding a more natural, earthy tone to the overall composition. This green freshness intertwines with the dominant citrus and sweet.

However, don't expect to catch a whiff of hazelnut, as it’s not detectable in the perfume. Likewise, despite vanilla being a part of the formula, it's not a prominent note in the Pineberry by Zara. It makes a brief, almost elusive appearance, creating a gourmand touch to the sweet and citrusy blend.

In conclusion, Pineberry by Zara presents a reliable, citrus-sweet scent, rounded off with a fresh, green undertone, and a hint of gourmand vanilla.

Review of Pineberry

Zara's Pineberry is a women's fragrance that leans towards the lighter side. Its scent profile is predominantly citrusy and sweet, hinting at a playful and youthful tone. The scent of lemon, one of its key notes, can be clearly identified, but it's not overpowering.

Where Pineberry shines is during the warmer months - think summer brunches and spring flings. It's a casual scent that can be worn at leisurely activities, sports events, and even business meetings or evening dinners. However, we believe that its freshness might not hold up well in colder months or formal settings.

One potential downside is its longevity. From our testing, this perfume doesn't seem to last as long as we'd like it to. It also has a moderate sillage, implying that the fragrance doesn't project far from the wearer, thus making it less noticeable in larger spaces.

In terms of value, you might find Pineberry to be a fair deal if you're in the market for a casual, daytime fragrance. However, if you're seeking a scent with strong staying power or a more noticeable presence, you might want to explore other options.

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