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Rose Gourmand Women by Zara

Rose Gourmand Women by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Rose Gourmand Women

What Does Rose Gourmand Women Smell Like

The scent of Rose Gourmand Women by Zara greets you with a strong, sweet overtone, suggestive of sugar-coated roses. There's an unmistakably floral undertone, with the scent of fragrant rose petals being particularly noticeable. The gourmand touch is hard to miss as well, imparting a distinct indulgent, dessert-like aroma to the blend. A whiff of this perfume and you'll detect a smoky oriental note which adds an exotic twist. This is complemented by a creamy element that lends a plush, velvety feel to the overall scent.

However, we believe there is a synthetic note that slightly jars the otherwise seamless blend. It's a bit puzzling, as it almost smells like plastic or vinyl - not unpleasant, but not quite fitting in. Lastly, there's a subtle spicy hint that peeks through intermittently, leaving an intriguing trail. Despite minor issues, we think Rose Gourmand Women is a compelling olfactory journey, where sweet meets floral meets oriental in an enticing dance.

Review of Rose Gourmand Women

Zara's Rose Gourmand for women is a scent that makes a statement, catering primarily to a female audience. It strikes an aromatic blend of sweet, floral, and gourmand nuances, with a slight oriental twist, making for an interesting bouquet. The scent is decidedly more suitable for the colder months of fall and winter, but it also works fine for a fresher spring day.

Onto the nose, the perfume unfolds with a distinct rose note, paired with a rich, indulgent caramel undertone. This combination results in a scent that's warm, robust, but not overpowering - a comfortable middle ground. The longevity of the perfume is quite decent; it should last you through most of the day. That said, the sillage isn't as pronounced, so it's not a scent that will fill a room as you walk in.

As far as occasions go, Rose Gourmand seems versatile enough to be worn for leisure, a night out, or even in a business setting. The perfume provides good value for the cost, so whether you're looking for a new signature scent or just want to try something different, you may find Rose Gourmand a worthy candidate.

However, if you're looking for a summery, light fragrance, or if you prefer a perfume with a powerful sillage, this might not be the right choice for you.

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