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Rose by Zara

Rose by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

What Does Rose Smell Like

The scent of Rose by Zara is dominantly floral, evident from its bouquet of roses and peonies. Complementing the floral heart, synthetic notes are present, offering a modern edge. There's a tangible freshness that cuts through, evoking greenery and open spaces. Musk and sandalwood are included in the blend, however, their presence is so subtle that it's nearly imperceptible. The fragrance contains powdery undertones that add a layer of complexity. Lastly, a hint of creaminess can be detected in the base. Despite being a sweet fragrance, the sweetness is not overpowering but instead, forms a harmonious balance with the other components. To sum up, Rose by Zara is a floral, synthetic, fresh, and lightly powdery scent, with a touch of creaminess.

Review of Rose

Zara's Rose, released in 2017, is predominantly a women's fragrance, with its main scent profile characterized by floral notes. It carries a synthetic freshness that gently gives way to powdery and green tones, concluding with a hint of creaminess. Given its majorly floral nature, Rose is well-suited for the vibrant months of spring but can be worn during the summer and fall as well. Winter usage, however, may not yield the same scent payoff.

Scent projection, or sillage, while not overpowering, is fairly noticeable within a close radius. One may find that the longevity of Rose is moderate, which means you may need to reapply it throughout the day.

In terms of occasions, Rose has an equal applicability for daily routines and leisure activities. It could also serve you well in a professional setting, though it may not be the ideal choice for sports or physically demanding events.

On the prominence of scent notes, while we are not discussing them in detail, it's noteworthy that you won't find any dominating blackcurrant, freesia, green notes, musk, peony, or sandalwood here. Instead, the scent is named for the rose - its heart note, and this is what comes to the fore in this formulation.

In conclusion, Zara's Rose is a decent choice for individuals seeking a floral fragrance with moderate longevity and sillage. However, it requires a few reapplications during the day to keep the scent alive. Be mindful that it may not serve as the perfect sports fragrance or a winter choice.

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