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Ruby Berries by Zara

Ruby Berries by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Ruby Berries

What Does Ruby Berries Smell Like

The scent of Ruby Berries by Zara introduces itself with a synthetic note that feels immediately modern and daring. You'll undoubtedly notice the fruity profile that comes through, which we attribute to the composition's red berries. These provide a vibrant, fruity punch that is unmistakably inviting. Simultaneously, you will discover a gourmand touch to this perfume, which we believe is due to the presence of the alluring vanilla notes. As you delve deeper, a sweet note becomes evident, mingling with the other elements to create an exciting and playful fragrance. However, it's worth noting that despite the inclusion of peach in the ingredient list, its presence isn't quite pronounced, which could disappoint those looking for a distinct peachy undertone. Overall, Ruby Berries by Zara offers a unique blend of synthetic, sweet and fruity elements, topped with a hint of gourmand richness, making it a fascinating sensory journey.

Review of Ruby Berries

Zara's Ruby Berries is a perfume designed primarily for women. Tailored predominantly toward a young audience, it also resonates with women across varied age groups, making it a versatile choice for many. This scent boasts a predominantly synthetic, sweet, and fruity aroma, with a hint of gourmand notes. The prominent scent of red berries, combined with soft undertones of peach and vanilla, lend it a sweet allure.

Ideal for the fall season, it can be worn during the day or for leisure activities, and even suits a night out. That being said, its longevity seems to be a bit disappointing, as it may not last the entire day.

The perfume has a moderate sillage implying, it won't announce your arrival from a mile away, but it will certainly be noticed when you're in close proximity to others.

While it may not be a standout among the vast array of fragrances available, for the price point, we found Ruby Berries to offer decent value. If you're looking for a sweet, fruity perfume suitable for a range of occasions, you might find this perfume to be a suitable choice. However, if you're after a long-lasting scent, you may need to reapply this during the day.

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