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Ruby Syrup by Zara

Ruby Syrup by Zara
Gender: Women
Brand: Zara

What Does Ruby Syrup Smell Like

The scent of Ruby Syrup by Zara contains a mixture of oriental, fruity, and floral notes. As you first experience this perfume, you're greeted by a vibrant sweetness, stemming from the top notes of passion fruit and strawberry. These give way to a more complex heart of heliotrope, peony, and vanilla orchid. Here, the intriguing oriental tone of vanilla orchid adds depth to the fragrance, contrasting with the floral softness of peony and the subtle sweetness of heliotrope.

As the scent evolves further, the base notes of blond woods and honey unfold. These notes anchor the scent, providing an earthy, warm counterpoint to the perfume's fruity and floral aspects. The blond woods, in particular, impart a raw, natural character to the scent, while the honey adds a rich, comforting sweetness.

Though Ruby Syrup is equally constituted of oriental, fruity, and floral accords, these components intertwine seamlessly, each lending its nuances to the perfume's overall bouquet. The result is a scent that is multi-dimensional and intriguing, a perfume that continually reveals new facets of its character as it develops on the skin. It's a fragrance that asserts its own individuality, offering a worthwile take on the oriental-fruity-floral category.

Review of Ruby Syrup

Zara's Ruby Syrup is a women's fragrance that weaves together a combination of Oriental, Fruity, and Floral scents. If you're a woman looking for a scent that encapsulates all three, you'll appreciate this perfume. It delivers a noticeable blend of passion fruit and strawberry in the top notes, harmonizing with the middle tones of heliotrope, peony, and vanilla orchid. The base notes of blond woods and honey bring depth and a touch of sweetness.

Ruby Syrup is best suited to the cooler months of fall and winter, with its warm, inviting fragrance. We think it's an ideal choice for leisurely activities and evening outings, where the scent can shine. When it comes to longevity and sillage, you might find it on the moderate side. It might not last all day or project across the room, but it will leave a lingering scent that's close to the skin.

As a product from Zara, you'll find it reasonably priced and easily accessible. However, the scent might not be for everyone. If you are after a bold, warm, and fruity-floral fragrance that's not too overpowering, Ruby Syrup could be a good fit. It's an honest, straightforward perfume with a blend of scents that offers a gentle, fragrant experience.

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