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S4ND4LW00D by Zara

S4ND4LW00D by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of S4ND4LW00D

What Does S4ND4LW00D Smell Like

The scent of S4ND4LW00D by Zara is predominantly characterized by a clear woody aroma, underscored by a rugged leathery note. As you delve deeper into the fragrance, a smoky essence emerges, encapsulating a sense of mystique to the overall profile. This is closely followed by a synthetic, almost futuristic, fragrance, which adds acomplexity to the perfume. The slightest hint of spice is detectable, adding a little bit of edginess to the overall profile without overpowering the other elements. On the softer side, you'll pick up on a subtle floral undertone, which does not quite blend into the background, but rather, adds a touch of unexpected freshness to the otherwise rich, robust scent. Lastly, an animalistic note lingers, giving this fragrance an instinctive rawness. While you might notice a hint of leather, bergamot, and iris, the perfume's core character is resolutely woody and leathery.

Review of S4ND4LW00D

We believe that S4ND4D4LW00D by Zara is a solid choice for men who appreciate a predominantly woody, leathery scent with a hint of smokiness. This blend lends itself well to the colder months of the year, making it a suitable addition to your fall and winter fragrance collection. We found that it could be worn across a range of different settings, from daily routines to leisure activities and even the occasional night out or business function.

The performance of this perfume is quite commendable, with the scent and longevity standing out among its other characteristics. However, the sillage seems to be mildly lacking, so you may need to reapply if you desire a more noticeable presence.

Despite its synthetic note, the scent doesn't come across as too artificial, instead blending seamlessly with the leather and bergamot notes. While we find it slightly leaning towards the masculine side, it could still be appreciated by a select group of women. It's a good value for its price point, making it a solid choice if you're looking for a reliable, functional scent. However, it might not cater to everyone due to its specific scent profile.

In conclusion, if you appreciate a woody, leathery perfume that can transition well between different seasons and occasions, S4ND4LW00D by Zara could be a fitting pick.

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