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Sa by Zara

Sa by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

What Does Sa Smell Like

The scent of Sa by Zara is a blend of aquatic, citrus, and floral accords. Upon the first whiff, you are greeted by a bright, fresh splash of citrus, likely from the Italian bergamot note. This citrusy start quickly dovetails into a bouquet of floral notes, prominently featuring lily of the valley. The aquatic accord shines through here, adding a refreshing, water-like quality that's reminiscent of a breeze over a clear, tranquil lake. A subtle hint of spice adds an unexpected twist to the perfume, providing a touch of warmth and depth. The scent is rounded off with a blend of fresh, synthetic, sweet, powdery, woody, green, and creamy profiles, creating a dynamic and layered olfactory experience. As we delve deeper, we find this perfume to be neither overly sweet nor too powdery, with the woody and green notes bringing a natural, earthy feel to the fragrance. Overall, while Sa by Zara is quite complex, it retains a bright, fresh core that makes it decidedly approachable.

Review of Sa

Sa by Zara is primarily designed for women but could also be appreciated by men who enjoy versatile, feminine scents. It's a blend that evokes a feeling of summer with a strong citrus, floral and aquatic element. The scent is somewhat sporty, making it suitable for leisure activities or business settings, with a hint of freshness that could be appreciated on a daily basis.

The perfume leans towards a younger audience but can also be appreciated by more mature users. On first application, you will find a noticeable spicy undertone that gradually softens, revealing fresh and lightly sweet elements. This is not a very long-lasting fragrance, and its sillage is not overly prominent, meaning you may need to reapply during the day.

Sa by Zara is a reasonably priced fragrance but could disappoint if you're looking for a perfume with strong longevity or sillage. For those who prefer a subtle, versatile scent, it could be a fitting choice. It's a blend that offers a hint of creaminess and woodiness, resulting in an overall pleasant and wearable scent.

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