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Scent#3 by Zara

Scent#3 by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Scent#3

What Does Scent#3 Smell Like

The scent of Scent#3 by Zara greets you with a fresh, zingy burst of citrus, likely due to the presence of lemon and bergamot. You will notice a synthetic undertone, which gives it a modern edge without detracting from the natural freshness of the citrus notes. A wave of spiciness follows, lending complexity to the fragrance and preventing it from veering too heavily into the sweet category. Yet, the sweetness isn't quite vanquished; it lingers subtly, providing a pleasant counterpoint to the perfume's overall freshness. As the scent settles, you'll detect smoky and woody notes, intertwining and creating an interesting base. Lavender, a key component in fougère fragrances, also comes into play, imparting an earthy, herbal facet to the mix. Our findings are that Scent#3 is a compelling blend of contrasts that keeps you guessing, constantly alternating between its various accords.

Review of Scent#3

In our evaluation, Zara's Scent#3, specifically designed for men, primarily shines during the warmer months – the heat of summer and the crisp air of fall. This perfume, which was introduced in 2018, seems to serve an array of purposes, from casual leisure events to more formal business settings.

This is a complex scent with a striking fresh, citrus opening, gradually revealing smoky, woody undertones, intensified by a synthetic hint. It's a fragrance that is as versatile as it is arresting, with a predominance of lavender, bergamot, and lemon notes.

However, we observed that the longevity and sillage of this perfume might not live up to the expectations of some. Its scent tends to dissipate more rapidly than some might prefer, which could lead to frequent reapplications throughout the day.

In terms of value, you'll find Scent#3 to be a cost-effective choice for a multipurpose fragrance. To sum up, it's a fragrance that is radiant and stimulating yet stands out with its smoky, spicy twinges. This might be the scent you're looking for if you're after something dynamic and multifunctional.

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