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Sd by Zara

Sd by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Sd

What Does Sd Smell Like

The scent of Sd by Zara for women is a blend that captures a multitude of sensations. You will notice a distinct aquatic freshness, evocative of brisk marine notes. This is intertwined with green accents, which provide a clean, earthy undertone. You are greeted by a sudden kick of synthetic and citrus aromas, with a hint of spiciness that adds an unexpected twist to the sensory experience. A sweet undercurrent, reminiscent of summer fruits, permeates through the fragrance, counterbalanced with a woody and powdery essence.

In contrast to the vibrant notes, a subtle touch of floral and musk smoothens the overall impression, softening the scent and lending a sophisticated touch. A prominent underpinning of hyacinth anchors the perfume, grounding the varied notes into a coherent whole. Undeniably, Sd by Zara creates a multi-layered scent profile that constantly intrigues and surprises, offering an ever-evolving olfactory journey.

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