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Share Reality by Zara

Share Reality by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Share Reality

What Does Share Reality Smell Like

The scent of Share Reality by Zara is an exploration of freshness, nature, and vibrancy. Upon initial whiff, you are greeted by a dominant aquatic accord, evoking the feeling of an ocean breeze. This is beautifully intertwined with a lively, fresh note, offering a bracing and refreshing aroma. As you delve deeper, a floral undertone peeks through, adding a gentle softness to the overall smell.

The complexity heightens with the introduction of a citrus element, contributing a tangy twist and an unexpected zest. A woody dimension is also tangible in the backend, grounding the scent with a solid, reassuring character. Interlaced subtly are green and fruity notes, adding a hint of sweetness to the composition. What is unique, though, is the synthetic note manifesting as a futuristic, almost otherworldly, layer. Finally, the inclusion of grapefruit, patchouli, and violet leaf lends a familiar yet elusive edge, puzzling and pleasing the senses in equal measure. While the scent profile is extensive, each note and accord complements and contrasts, creating an engaging olfactory experience.

Review of Share Reality

Zara's Share Reality, released in 2017, is a fragrance designed for men. This perfume will appeal to those who enjoy an amalgamation of fresh, floral, and aquatic scents with undertones of citrus, synthetic, sweet, woody, green, and fruity notes. The dominant notes of grapefruit, patchouli, and violet leaf won't go unnoticed. It's a scent meant for those who wish to make a subtle statement without being overpowering, as it has a lighter sillage.

Share Reality is ideal for the warmer months, with its bouquet perfectly suited for spring and summer. As for occasions, it's a versatile scent that can accompany you from daily activities, through sports, and into leisure time. It can also be your companion on a night out, in business settings, and during evening events.

Be mindful, however, of the longevity, which may not last the entire day. Although for some, the need to reapply could be a drawback, others might appreciate the opportunity to refresh their scent throughout the day. In terms of value, you'll find it to be a practical choice for a modern, subtly distinctive fragrance.

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