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Soleil Decade by Zara

Soleil Decade by Zara
Gender: Women
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Soleil Decade

What Does Soleil Decade Smell Like

The scent of Soleil Decade by Zara is a complex blend of sweet, spicy, and creamy accords. Upon initial contact, you are greeted by an unmistakable spicy aroma that makes up for a big part of the overall scent profile. As you continue to inhale, the sweetness starts to emerge, adding an interesting contrast to the spiciness. This sweet note is not overly sugary, but rather subtly sweet, contributing to the overall balance of the perfume. The creamy facet comes in last, enveloping the spicy and sweet notes in a blanket of smoothness. The perfume doesn't move forward any of the included notes of vanilla, white blossoms, or woody elements, sticking strictly to its simple yet nuanced triad of sweet, spicy, and creamy essences. It's a scent that remains straightforward throughout, never diverting from its key accords.

Review of Soleil Decade

Soleil Decade by Zara is a perfume designed primarily for women. Our findings indicate that it is best suited for the warmer seasons of spring and summer, which aligns well with its spicy, sweet, and creamy scent type. However, it could also be worn in the colder seasons of fall and winter, albeit less frequently.

This perfume's scent is most apt for daily wear and evening events, yet it could be suitable for leisure activities, nights out, or even business occasions as well. The scent of Soleil Decade is generally well received but our research indicates that it might not have the strongest sillage, translating to a more intimate scent radius.

In terms of longevity, it is reported to have a moderate performance. Therefore, you might need to reapply if you plan to wear it for a long-duration event. In terms of value, this perfume offers a versatile scent profile, but your individual preferences will ultimately determine its worth to you.

In conclusion, Soleil Decade by Zara is a spicy, sweet and creamy scent primarily for women that is versatile across seasons and occasions with a moderate longevity and sillage.

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