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Sublime Cedar by Zara

Sublime Cedar by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Sublime Cedar

What Does Sublime Cedar Smell Like

The scent of Sublime Cedar by Zara is predominantly woody, as evident from the discernable cedarwood note that provides a robust and earthy base. On first whiff, you are greeted by a spicy freshness, thanks to the pink pepper note that adds a bit of zesty kick. The synthetic aspect adds a curious twist, veering the fragrance away from a purely natural smell. The sweetness is mild, but it's there, possibly from the black amber lending a light, resinous sweetness. You'll also notice a hint of green in the scent, which gives it a slightly leafy vibe. The creamy note is subtle, adding a soft and smooth finish. The earthy undertone, however minor, coalesces with the woody note to create the impression of a stroll through a serene forest. We find that the fragrance embodies a blend of fresh and spicy notes cohabitating with woody and sweet undertones, creating a multi-layered and complex profile.

Review of Sublime Cedar

Sublime Cedar by Zara, released in 2019, is a fragrance mainly targeted at men. This scent leans towards an older demographic but resonates with younger audiences too. True to its name, it's generously laced with woodsy notes, with a clear dominance of cedarwood. This adds a mature, grounded feel to the fragrance, while a hint of pink pepper and black amber imparts an inviting spiciness and a touch of sweetness.

The scent has a decent lifespan, but the sillage is moderate, so it stays rather close to the skin. This makes it suitable for daily wear, casual outings, or even business environments without overpowering others. Sublime Cedar shows its best potential in the spring and autumn seasons, but it's also adaptable for summer days.

However, bear in mind that the perfume's performance weakens in winter, and it may not be the best pick for evening events or sports activities. The value for money is quite satisfactory, and overall, it's a decent choice for those who prefer woodsy and spicy scents.

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