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Supernova Boy by Zara

Supernova Boy by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Supernova Boy

What Does Supernova Boy Smell Like

The scent of Supernova Boy by Zara is a vibrant and refreshing composition with a complex layering of notes. Upon the first spray, you are greeted by the spicy-sweet notes of cardamom and pink pepper, lightened by the refreshing tones of watermelon and yuzu. As the top notes evaporate, we find a heart defined by aromatic lemongrass and exotic jasmine, interspersed with ozonic notes, delivering a distinctly modern feel. The perfume ultimately settles into warm, woody base notes of amber and gaiac wood, accented by the earthy depth of patchouli. This fragrance presents an exciting blend of notes, creating a dynamic olfactory experience that evolves throughout wear.

Review of Supernova Boy

Zara's Supernova Boy, released in 2021, is a masculine fragrance formulated with a spirited and energetic olfactory profile. This fragrance prominently features the zesty character of yuzu and watermelon at the top, offering a refreshing briskness. The heart of the perfume is centered around lemongrass and ozonic notes, providing a clean and airy feel. The base, grounded by amber and gaiac wood, lends a warm, woody depth to the overall scent composition.

In terms of seasonality, Supernova Boy leans towards the warmer periods. Its refreshing and vibrant qualities make it suitable for spring and summer wear. For occasions, consider it for daytime events where a lighter, lively scent is preferred.

With its approachable scent profile, Supernova Boy can garner appreciation from a wide variety of users. However, the scent's projection and longevity may not meet expectations for those seeking a more robust and long-lasting fragrance. An understanding of the perfume's attributes could guide potential users in their decision-making process, ensuring an informed purchase.

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