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Surfing Mullaghmore Head by Zara

Surfing Mullaghmore Head by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2023
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Surfing Mullaghmore Head

What Does Surfing Mullaghmore Head Smell Like

The scent of Surfing Mullaghmore Head by Zara begins on a bright, invigorating note, greeting you with the crisp zests of bergamot and grapefruit. Simultaneously, there's a sweet and somewhat tangy touch from the wild berries, adding a layer of complexity to the initial impression. As the top notes start to fade, the fragrance reveals a refreshing aquatic heart, where succulent apple and elusive marine notes mingle with the green facets of violet leaf, creating an oceanic vibe.

However, the magic of Surfing Mullaghmore Head unfolds in the base. Here, you'll find a warm embrace of amber, bringing a rich, resinous depth to the fragrance. This is beautifully complemented by the soft, creamy nuances of cashmere wood and the deep, sensual tones of musky notes. A whisper of sandalwood adds a smooth, woody quality, providing an elegant finish to the scent's evolution.

Overall, the fragrance offers an interesting experience from the energetic citrus and berry opening, through the refreshing marine heart, to the sensual and creamy woody base. It captures an adventurous spirit, inviting you to experience the thrill of surfing at Mullaghmore Head in a bottle of perfume.

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