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Tempting Rose by Zara

Tempting Rose by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Tempting Rose

What Does Tempting Rose Smell Like

The scent of Tempting Rose by Zara creates a rich tapestry of olfactory delights. Upon the first spray, you are greeted by a clear, floral aura, giving you the impression of a blooming garden. Almost simultaneously, a sweet overtone wafts towards your senses, reminiscent of ripe, juicy fruits. As the initial wave subsides, a subtle oriental aroma begins to make its presence felt. Within this complex medley of aromas, a certain woody edge emerges - giving the fragrance a certain depth. As you delve deeper, the perfume reveals an unexpected twist; you might notice synthetic notes adding a modern touch to the overall bouquet. All these elements are beautifully interlaced with spicy, gourmand, and fruity undertones, resulting in a multifaceted perfume. While you won't distinctly recognize coffee, red fruits, or rose, believe us when we say they subtly contribute to the scent. They all combine to offer a complex, yet pleasing fragrance that captures the essence of Tempting Rose by Zara.

Review of Tempting Rose

Tempting Rose by Zara is a women's perfume that offers a diverse bouquet of fragrances. Its primary scent type blends sweet and floral notes, with subtle hints of spice, synthetic, oriental, woody, gourmand, and fruity tones. This gives it a robust and varied aroma profile that can appeal to many. Yet, we find its longevity and sillage to be somewhat middling, so you might need to reapply it throughout the day to maintain its presence.

Designed for winter, fall, and spring, this perfume is versatile enough for various occasions, from leisure activities to night outs, business events to daily use, and for evenings as well. The notes of coffee, red fruits, and especially rose stand out, adding depth to its aroma.

In terms of value, your satisfaction may vary. While the scent is pleasing and can suit many tastes, the need for frequent reapplication could be a drawback for some. In conclusion, Tempting Rose by Zara offers a rich, multifaceted fragrance that may require a little more upkeep than some may prefer.

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