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Textures Lilac by Zara

Gender: Women
Release date: 1999
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Textures Lilac

What Does Textures Lilac Smell Like

The scent of Textures Lilac by Zara is distinguishably gourmand and sweet, leaning heavily on a fusion of notes. Upon the first encounter, you will notice the distinct aroma of chocolate, softened by gentle whispers of freesia. This initial olfactory greeting is quickly supplemented by a variety of fruity notes, adding a subtle layer of complexity to the fragrance. As the scent further unfolds, it is infused with warm, crunchy undertones of ginger. Central to the perfume's character, we find musk, sandalwood, and Virginia cedar interlacing seamlessly, offering a grounding and soothing sensation.

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