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The Incredible Hulk by Zara

The Incredible Hulk by Zara
Gender: Men
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of The Incredible Hulk

What Does The Incredible Hulk Smell Like

The scent of The Incredible Hulk by Zara is primarily characterized by a blend of fruity and floral elements. Upon first encounter, you will notice a fruity hint of peach, intertwined with the more subtle fragrances of jasmine and lily of the valley. As the perfume settles, the scent profile evolves to reveal a notable presence of musk, complementing the initial fruity and floral notes. The aroma is rounded off with a touch of violet leaf, adding a subtle green note to the overall scent. The perfume maintains a harmonious balance between the different components, with no single note dominating over the others. This creates a smell that is distinctly fruity and floral, with subtle musky and green undertones.

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