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Custom Tailored by Zara

Custom Tailored by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2014
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Custom Tailored

What Does Custom Tailored Smell Like

The scent of Custom Tailored by Zara, designed for men, presents a trifecta of sweet, citrus, and woody tones as its dominant fragrance profile. From the first spritz, you are greeted by a noticeable blend of cardamom and amber, followed by a subtle hint of lavender. The woody aspect, softer yet still discernible, stems mainly from the sandalwood note. The citrus facet is mostly credited to the inclusion of bergamot, while the sweet element is rather enigmatic. The spice, though not as dominant, gives a kick with a touch of ginger. As the scent develops on your skin, it elicits mild synthetic notes that are enhanced by an underlying powdery aura. Additionally, a fruity nuance meanders through, paired with a creamy undertone, softening the overall fragrance. Though there's a complexity to the scent, it's not overwhelming. It's a composition that portrays a sweet, citrusy, and woody fusion without losing its unique, individual facets.

Review of Custom Tailored

Custom Tailored by Zara is a men's perfume that we believe suits a range of wearers, offering a versatile blend capable of appealing to both young and mature audiences. Its scent composition leans towards a citrus, sweet, and woody triad, which could potentially be fitting for those who enjoy these olfactory families. We noticed the perfume leans more towards the spring season, yet can still find its place in other seasons.

For the occasions, it seems to be a well-rounded choice. You can wear it for daily use, a night out, professional settings, or evening events. However, we found the longevity to be just slightly above average, which might require a reapplication for long days or nights.

Its woody and citrus tones, combined with a hint of sweetness, offer a decent experience for those who appreciate such blends.

However, we found the sillage to be moderate, meaning the scent might not fill a room or leave a lasting trail behind you. This could be seen as a shortcoming for those who prefer more potent fragrances. Yet, for users seeking a more subtle scent, Custom Tailored might just be the right fit.

In conclusion, while not without its flaws, Zara's Custom Tailored is a reasonably solid choice for men seeking a versatile fragrance.

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