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Tiveden by Zara

Tiveden by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Tiveden

What Does Tiveden Smell Like

With the scent of Tiveden by Zara you'll immediately notice its dominant woody aroma; it's like stepping into a dense forest, surrounded by the earthy allure of raw timber. This woody vibe is expertly intertwined with a rich leathery note, giving it a sense of depth and masculinity. A hint of spice is detectable, reminiscent of a dash of cardamom that adds a layer to the smell. You'll also notice a creamy undertone, adding a hint of smooth, velvety character to the perfume. Synthetic notes are present too, giving the scent a contemporary edge. Smoky, fresh, and animal accents subtly round out the scent profile, each adding their own distinct character to the blend. However, the unexpected star of the show is the musk, sitting rather aloof, but still making its presence known, despite not being overly dominant. Tiveden by Zara manages to bring together an array of scents to create a smell that is both multifaceted and compelling.

Review of Tiveden

Tiveden by Zara is a predominantly woody and leathery perfume with hints of spice and creaminess. It is formulated for men and seems to cater more to a mature audience. This perfume exudes a strong presence that isn't too overpowering, with an enduring scent that lasts. However, it may not be the best choice for those looking for something extremely long-lasting.

The dominant notes of cardamom and leather contribute to a bold, masculine fragrance, while musk and sandalwood offer a slightly softer undertone. Tiveden is a fitting pick for the cooler seasons - fall, spring, and winter - and fits a range of occasions from leisure and business activities to daily routine and social evenings.

Despite its merits, it falls short in terms of versatility. It isn't the ideal choice for summer or sporty situations. Also, the synthetic undertone might not appeal to everyone. Overall, Tiveden is a decent, masculine perfume with a distinct ruggedness, but it might not suit all preferences or situations.

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