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Tropical Boost by Zara

Tropical Boost by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2022
Brand: Zara

What Does Tropical Boost Smell Like

The scent of Tropical Boost by Zara is primarily a balanced blend of fruity and fresh accords. Upon initial application, you are greeted by the distinctly tropical aroma of pineapple. The fruity elements continue with subtle undertones of mandarin orange and pink grapefruit. As these initial notes fade, the fragrance transitions into its core, a combination of almond milk, jasmine, and rose. These are underpinned by a hint of synthetic sweetness. Finally, as the perfume settles, the base notes introduce a sugar-coated smoky element with traces of woody notes. Despite the sweet and fruity components, the smell retains a green and creamy freshness.

Review of Tropical Boost

Tropical Boost by Zara, launched in 2022, is a women's perfume that gravitates towards a strong fruity and fresh profile. Its scent is underscored by a lively blend of pineapple, a prominent top note, combined with synthetic and sweet tones. The aroma is largely resonant of summer, making it a suitable choice during the warmer months, while its freshness can also cater to the spring season.

This perfume could be a fair companion for leisure time and casual daily activities, with a provision for business-related and evening scenarios. However, you may find the longevity aspect lacking, as the fragrance doesn't project as strongly or wear as long as some users might prefer. The sillage is also moderate, meaning the scent trail will be of a lower intensity.

When it comes to value, Tropical Boost presents a middle-of-the-road proposition. In conclusion, the Tropical Boost by Zara is a decent summer and spring perfume with a fresh, fruity profile that caters more to casual, daily wear.

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