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Tulle by Zara

Tulle by Zara
Gender: Women
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Tulle

What Does Tulle Smell Like

The scent of Tulle by Zara is predominantly sweet and fruity, offering a fresh, citrusy aroma that gives it a refreshing edge. Upon the first whiff, you are greeted by an unmistakable melon note, though it does not stand out as the most dominant element. The perfume also has a noticeable hint of synthetic aroma, which is seamlessly blended with the overall fruity sweetness. Red fruits also make their presence known, lending their distinctive fragrance to the blend. Meanwhile, the sugar note is not immediately identifiable but subtly complements the fruity and synthetic elements. The perfume also carries a powdery undertone, which nicely balances the sweet and fruity attributes. We found a slight musk note, adding a delicate depth to the fragrance. Lastly, the gourmand and floral accords ensure a rounded, well-blended finish to the scent. Overall, Tulle by Zara is a fragrant cocktail of fruity, sweet, and synthetic notes with a fresh, citrusy kick.

Review of Tulle

Tulle by Zara, a women's fragrance, offers an aroma that can be best described as a blend of sweet, fruity, and a hint of citrus, synthetic, powdery, gourmand and floral undertones. The most prominent notes, though not mentioned, shape the scent's overall character.

This perfume is essentially seasonless, appropriate for Winter, Fall, Summer, or Spring wear. It's versatile enough to be worn at various occasions, offering an aroma that is suitable for casual leisure time, daily tasks, an evening out, or even a traditional business occasion.

However, the longevity of Tulle may leave some users wanting more. You may find it necessary to reapply the perfume throughout the day to maintain its presence. In terms of sillage, Tulle has a moderate range that won't overwhelm but will still be noticeable to others.

When it comes to value, Tulle stands strong with its unique scent composition, despite its longevity issue. Overall, Tulle by Zara delivers a sweet and fruity fragrance that is versatile for varying seasons and occasions but could benefit from improved longevity.

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