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Vanilla Wood by Zara

Vanilla Wood by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Vanilla Wood

What Does Vanilla Wood Smell Like

The scent of Vanilla Wood by Zara immediately greets you with a welcoming wave of gourmand sweetness. As the perfume unfolds, you'll notice an undeniable presence of oriental influences, adding a certain depth and richness to the overall smell. There's also a hint of spice that punctuates the narrative of the perfume, providing a fiery counterpoint to the more sugary elements. You'll also detect a powdery undertone that softens the blend, lending it a sophisticated velvetiness. Despite this perfume's name, there's an unexpected fruity twist to the fragrance that surprises and delights in equal measure. A discreet woody accord plays in the background, anchoring the composition beautifully. The absence of tangible notes of cocoa, mandarin orange, peach, praliné and vanilla in the mix is surprising, given their potential to enrich the scent. Nevertheless, Vanilla Wood by Zara offers a unique olfactory journey where gourmand sweetness and oriental allure meet with a spicy kick.

Review of Vanilla Wood

Vanilla Wood by Zara is a perfume primarily designed for women, with a clear lean towards a mature audience. The scent profile is predominantly sweet and gourmand, with a noticeable oriental undercurrent that adds a certain depth. The spicy nuances, although less prominent, provide a playful twist, while the powdery and fruity notes ensure it's not an overwhelmingly heavy fragrance. The woody undertone, however, is fairly elusive.

This perfume stands out more in the colder months, making it a good choice for fall and winter. It's a versatile scent that fits leisure activities quite well, but it's also suitable for daily use and for evenings. Its longevity, though, could be improved, making it less ideal for long nights out. As for the value, it's a personal assessment, but we believe it offers a decent performance for its price point. In terms of the notes, it's clear that the perfume doesn't deliver much on the cocoa, mandarin orange, peach, praliné, or vanilla front, which may disappoint those looking for those specific scents. Overall, Vanilla Wood is a comfortable, easy-going fragrance for women who prefer a sweet, gourmand, and slightly oriental scent.

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