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Vanilla by Zara

Vanilla by Zara
Gender: Women
Release date: 2018
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Vanilla

What Does Vanilla Smell Like

Upon first encounter with Vanilla by Zara, one is treated to the prominent aroma of sweet and creamy bourbon vanilla. This scent lingers at the forefront but is not overpowering, instead, it allows the gourmand undertones to subtly come through and add depth. There's a whisper of powdery Heliotrope that is evident, weaving an air of delicate, floral comfort into the mix. A hint of spicy notes serve to contrast the sweetness and provide a complexity. In the background, a light touch of mandarin orange gives the scent a slight fruity twist, bringing a refreshing element to the fragrance. A synthetic aroma forms part of the base, reminiscent of oriental fragrances, though it is subtle enough to not dominate the blend. We note the presence of the woody notes, but it plays a minor role, silently supporting the other accords. Overall, Vanilla by Zara presents a predominantly sweet and creamy aroma with a variety of underlying facets.

Review of Vanilla

Zara's Vanilla, released in 2018, is a favorite among women for its sweet, creamy, and gourmand nature. The luscious Bourbon vanilla is prominent, creating a warm and inviting experience, while hints of heliotrope and mandarin orange lend complexity. Although it's deemed a winter and fall scent, it's versatile enough to wear in the cooler days of spring. We find it's a great fragrance for leisurely and daily activities, but it could hold its own in a business setting or evening event.

While Vanilla is not overly potent, it does have a fair presence, and its longevity is about average, so you might need to reapply throughout the day. Its value is impressive, offering a pleasing scent experience without breaking the bank. On the downside, it might be too sweet for some, and the powdery and spicy aspects could potentially turn off those who prefer purely fresh fragrances. Overall, if you enjoy comforting, creamy scents, Zara's Vanilla could be a solid choice for you.

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