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Vibrant Leather Boisé by Zara

Vibrant Leather Boisé by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Vibrant Leather Boisé

What Does Vibrant Leather Boisé Smell Like

The scent of Vibrant Leather Boisé by Zara transports you to an opulent forest with its dominantly woody profile. When you first smell the fragrance, you're greeted by the balsamic aroma of Palo Santo, a unique wood note that carries a hint of sweetness. This merges seamlessly into the smoky presence of frankincense, conjuring an image of a crackling fire deep in the woods.

Myrrh adds a certain aspect to the blend with its slightly medicinal undertone, while labdanum introduces a rich, resinous facet. It's not all deep woods and smoky incense, though; there's a noticeable synthetic element enhancing the overall complexity of the perfume and a hint of sugary sweetness that offsets the heavier notes. A smattering of spicy notes adds intrigue, and a touch of fruitiness brings a fresh, lively aspect. Despite its predominantly woody character, the perfume doesn't neglect the lighter, more refreshing tones, adding a twist to the typical woody scent.

Review of Vibrant Leather Boisé

Vibrant Leather Boisé by Zara is a 2021 release aimed primarily at men. Notably, we find this fragrance leans towards a woody scent complemented by spicy, sweet, and smoky undertones. An interesting facet of this perfume is its synthetic note, which adds a distinct edge to its profile. A dip into the fruity-fresh end of the spectrum provides a subtle kick, preventing the scent from becoming too overwhelming.

Many of you will appreciate the earthy strength of palo santo, with undertones of frankincense, labdanum, and myrrh. This combination yields a scent more suited to cooler seasons such as fall and spring, though it retains enough freshness for occasional summer wear. We think it's suitable for a range of occasions, from daily wear to evening outings, and even business scenarios.

However, it's worth mentioning that although the scent is quite appealing, its longevity doesn't quite match up. You may need to reapply during the day to keep the fragrance noticeable. The sillage, or the scent trail, is moderate, not overly powerful.

On the value front, Zara delivers a respectable offering. It's accessible, affordable, and offers an interesting scent profile for men who enjoy woody and spicy fragrances. To sum up, Vibrant Leather Boisé is an inviting, earthy perfume with a spicy kick, but you might need to refresh it throughout the day.

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