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Vibrant Leather Intense by Zara

Vibrant Leather Intense by Zara
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Zara

Key Notes of Vibrant Leather Intense

What Does Vibrant Leather Intense Smell Like

The scent of Vibrant Leather Intense by Zara prominently features a robust, woody aroma. Upon the first spray, you are greeted by an unmistakable undercurrent of woods, likely to be the driving force behind this predominantly woody fragrance. Its robustness suggests the inclusion of a variety of woods, each contributing to the olfactory experience in its unique way. However, we believe our findings indicate a distinct absence of papyrus and sandalwood notes within this fragrance, contrary to what one might expect in a perfume labeled as woody. As the initial intensity settles, you will notice a fresh and fruity aroma that plays a substantial role, though not as dominant as the woods. This fresh fruitiness is interwoven with a synthetic twist. There is also a smoky undertone that, while not overpowering, adds depth and complexity to the overall smell. Interestingly, hints of spiciness, sweetness, and fougère are also present, offering a subtle yet noticeable variation to the overall fragrance.

Review of Vibrant Leather Intense

Based on our findings, the Vibrant Leather Intense by Zara resonates well with those who appreciate a predominantly woody aroma with undertones of fruitiness and freshness. The scent appears to be synthetic to some extent, carrying a smoky element that bolsters its character. You'll find a hint of spiciness, sweetness, and fougère, making it rather complex in its composition.

Although it's been designed for men, we think it could be a good fit for a broad range of individuals regardless of age. It's not a heavy perfume, making it suitable for everyday use, leisure activities, and even for a night out. You might find it a bit lacking for business or formal evening events.

We've noticed that the fragrance tends to hold up well in the fall and spring, but might fade quicker in the summer heat. With respect to its longevity and sillage, don't expect it to last an entire day or fill a room. However, for its price point, we believe it offers decent value. It's an honest fragrance, not pretending to be more than it is. If you're on the hunt for an affordable, woody perfume with a twist, Vibrant Leather Intense could be worth a sniff.

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